As Codedady Solutions and its services are always client based service and service providers ,Which means in General all the Terms and Conditions and privacy policies are specific and unique to each and every client, agreed and signed by both parties on agreement which may include all or only applicable from the following :-
--Terms and conditions for Sales and services, Which may or maynot include
--Terms and conditions for sales of the product ,
--Terms and conditions for the service provided,
--Terms and conditions for the post sale services ,
--Terms and conditions for specific sale or service related conditions,
--Terms and conditions for privacy and security infridgement and privacy policy,
--Terms and conditions for payment and related entities , which may or maynot include ,
--Terms and conditions for payment failures and dues.
--Terms and conditions for payment method and mode of payment

Return and refund policy

The return and refund policy does not apply in general unless it is mentioned in the agreement. Software development and related services are not refundable nor returnable in any criteria , unless the agreement says otherwise. The refund and return policy may or may not be included in the terms and conditions. Return and refund of services, products, or any other entities provided by codedady will not be encouraged and practiced unless it is specifically mentioned in the terms and conditions, project document, or any other related agreement. If not mentioned any where in the related document, it implies codedady does not agree to refund or return any product or services that matter.

-Privacy Policy
-Payment details
Note : If the agreement has not made to a contract , these details, either in full or partial, will be shown in the proposal /project documentation.